Electric or Hydraulic?

When selecting the version of Vibroflot – Points to remember!


Electric Plus Points
1. Simplistic construction leads being more cost effective.
2. The Vibroflot is supplied by only one electric cable against a bundle of cumbersome hydraulic hoses.
3. Cost effective as Diesel Generators used to supply the Vibroflot are available on the open market for sale or rent.
4. No hydraulic oil environmental risks / hazards.
5. Absolute Power – Outperforms hydraulic due to the Synchronous Electric Motor being able to provide short peaks at over double the rated value. Absolutely vital when penetration of hard layers of soil is required!
6. Dynamic Force – The electric motor rpm stays the same when penetrating hard layers or during the peak of the compaction phase. Thus the eccentric force is constant to the square of the rpm.
7. Fuel Consumption – Diesel Generators are energy efficient.
8. Very low maintenance compared to hydraulic driven Vibroflot’s.
9. Overload / Burnout – Our electric motors are protected by temperature sensors and phase leakage.
10. Diesel Generators are much more versatile so can be used for endless uses across the jobsite.

Hydraulic Plus Points
1. Possible to run directly from a suitable hydraulic crane or excavator.

Hydraulic Negative Points
1. Handling of cumbersome banks of hydraulic hoses.
2. Hydraulic Power Pack – Can only be used with the Vibroflot or a similar attachment.
3. Power – Vibroflot’s powered by hydraulic motors rapidly loose strength when the machine is heavily constrained in the soil, leading to the machine getting possibly stuck, thus maybe the need of pre-drilling may / will be required at times.
4. Hydraulic versions are banned from many projects due to the environmental risks – possible leakage of hydraulic oil directly into the ground!


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